ChemSkills Newsletter: June 2024

Welcome to the June edition of the ChemSkills newsletter! Packed with exciting updates and insightful developments, this issue is your gateway to understanding the transformative strides we’re making in the chemical industry.

What’s Inside?

  • Brussels Meeting Highlights: Dive into the key takeaways from our recent in-person meeting in Brussels. Discover how our consortium of 33 partners is collaborating to address green and digital skills needs.
  • Future Skills Survey Insights: Get a sneak peek at the preliminary findings from our ongoing survey. See which skills are trending and how different sectors are preparing for the future.
  • Upcoming Events: Mark your calendar for essential industry events. From our first public conference in Serbia to insightful online workshops, find out where you can join the conversation.
  • Green Chemistry Change Manager Course: Learn about the GCCM initiative and how it’s preparing professionals for the challenges of sustainable chemical management.
  • PFAS Revision Event: Don’t miss out on our online event addressing the legislative landscape and sustainable alternatives for PFAS.
Intrigued? This is just the beginning. To delve deeper into these topics and more, click on the image below to read our full newsletter.

06. 06. 2024